The Community Outreach

The community event that we went to was the Global Rewind event hosted at Science World.  When we were there we saw many students from other schools participating in different clubs to help the earth and the environment. Some groups were showing how we can help the environment by recycling and reusing the same water bottle. Other groups showed us that we can grow our own food at our school, like the greenhouse that we already have at gladston. But it doesn't stop at just a greenhouse. The school from killarney had a club that were raising chickens and using their eggs to bake in a foods class. We were surprised to see that because that was a smart idea that we can use in the future for gladstone and it will be good for the environment to user the egg shells for compost. The different clubs from different schools taught us that it doesn't take much effort to make a big improvement towards our environment, but we need to work together in order for that to happen. At the end of the event when we were socializing with other people, they said that we were the ones that had the power to change the future, to make earth a better place for everyone, and if we continue on this path our grandchildren would look up to us. We learned so much at this event and would like to encourage more people to take part in this event next year or maybe just take action and start helping the environment in any way you can.